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New York Lasik Vision Correction Robbins Laser Site is the first center in the Rochester area dedicated exclusively to laser vision correction. Dr. Allan Robbins has over 15 years of experience performing all types of refractive surgery. At Robbins Laser Site, recommendations are made after a thorough evaluation of your needs. Then the procedure and laser is chosen to maximize safety and results.


No doubt you have already heard about the newest breakthrough known as the flying spot laser. The first generation lasers produced by VISX and Summit were classified as "broad beam" excimer lasers. The light beam departed the laser tube as a 6.0 mm circle of that impacted the cornea at 5-10 pulses per second. Treatment patterns were controlled with shutters and diaphragms, much like the optical devices developed over a century ago.

After years of research and clinical trials, we now possess a better solution: the flying spot excimer laser. By reducing the size of the spot and providing computer control of the tissue removal pattern (ablation), the degree of customization possible takes a dramatic leap forward. Flying spot lasers are capable of achieving smoother ablations with greater precision than broad beam devices. Optical zone size can also be increased to compensate for large pupils and decrease the risk of problems with glare and halos.

In the Spring of 2000, the FDA granted Bausch and Lomb permission to market the Technolas 217 in the United States. The Technolas 217 utilizes a 2 mm spot at 50 pulses per second and is approved for mild degrees of myopia and astigmatism. In June of 2000, Dr. Robbins was the first laser eye surgeon in the Upstate New York area to utilize flying spot technology to treat myopia.

21st Century Technology...

The latest advance in refractive surgery is LADARVision. Laser radar tracking was developed by NASA and is an integral part of the latest LADARVision laser. Any movement of the eye during treatment can affect placement of the laser beam, which in turn can affect the precision of the final corneal surface and the quality of vision. LADARVision also utilizes a smaller spot of less than 1 mm for even greater precision and smoothness. With LADARVision you can relax during your procedure, confident in the knowledge that each laser pulse is directed to precisely the correct location, even if your eye moves.

The LADARVision 4000 is also FDA approved to treat nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness. In addition, only LADARVision is FDA-approved to treat mixed astigmatism. LADARTracker is the only active tracking approved by the FDA that is clinically proven to improve outcomes. Active tracking is a vital part of the equation that has allowed us to move the visual goalposts beyond the 20/20 level! Dr. Robbins is proud to be the first laser eye surgeon in the Upstate NY area to introduce the latest breakthrough in laser technology.


Success depends on more than just the hardware. It takes a dedicated staff, meticulous data analysis and customizing the treatment to the patient. At Robbins Laser Site we recommend the procedure that has the greatest chance of achieving the desired visual result for your eyes. Recommendations are made after careful consideration all of the options including LASIK, LASEK or CRT. Call 585-787-2020 to day and find out how you can receive a free copy of Dr. Robbins' book "Understanding LASIK". The best time to obtain a second opinion is before your surgery!

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At the Robbins Laser Site in Rochester, New York, lasik vision correction surgeon Dr. Allan Robbins will recommend and provide the laser eye surgery that is right for you. Dr. Robbins recommendations are made after careful consideration of all of the options available for your laser vision correction surgery including CRT, CustomCornea, Ladervision, Laderwave, Lasek, Lasik, PRK, RK, Technolas, VISX or Wavefront. For laser vision correction eye surgery in the Upstate New York area including Rochester, Corning, Elmira and Hornell, NY, Contact Us to schedule your free lasik vision correction surgery consultation with Dr. Robbins.This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens.