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Ladarwave Rochester NY

Ladarwave RochesterWavefront technology was originally pioneered in the field of astronomy and physics to aid in reducing "aberrations" or imperfections in the multiple lenses of telescopes. In much the same way, we use LADARWave® to provide us with an accurate assessment of the optical imperfections found in the entire eye's optical system.

Robbins Laser Site is the first in Upstate New York to offer CUSTOMCORNEA® utilizing LADARWave® wavefront technology to measure and address both lower and higher order aberrations (visual imperfections in the eye's optical system). Unless both lower and higher order aberrations are addressed during laser vision correction, the quality of your vision may not be ideal, even if you have post-operative vision of 20/20.

Here is how this exciting technology works:

Ladarwave New York
Flat light waves enter eye
Ladarwave vision correction Rochester
Distorted light wave exits eye

First, flat waves of light are passed through your eye using a computerized wavefront-measuring instrument called LADARWave®. As the light waves travel through your eye's optical system, the imperfections in the eye distort the flat light waves. LADARWave® captures them to the perfectly flat light waves that would have been reflected if your optical system had no distortions.

Laser Vision Correction surgery with Ladarwave Upstate New York
Higher order abberation
Ideal wavefront map

Next, a 3-D map is generated representing your unique visual distortions, including both lower and higher order aberrations. This map is then transferred to the LADARVision® 4000 Excimer Laser, and guides the laser as it reshapes your cornea, providing you with a truly customized laser vision procedure called CUSTOMCORNEA®.

Ladarwave Rochester NY

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Contact our office to discover how LADARWave® and CUSTOMCORNEA® can give you the vision that you have always wanted.

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