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Lasik Laser Eye Surgery New York
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LASIK Procedure
Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Elmira, NY

New York Laser Eye Surgery

The Lasik Procedure

Prior to Lasik surgery, most laser eye surgery patients receive a small dose of an oral sedative for relaxation. The surface of the eye is then anesthetized with drops and antibiotics instilled. The laser eye surgery patient is aligned under the laser and familiarized with the sounds of the laser and the fixation lights. The ocular surface and surrounding skin is then prepped with an antiseptic solution and then sterilely draped.

After positioning under the laser, the eye is held open with a lid speculum (a wire device designed to gently hold the eye open and provide the Lasik surgeon with sufficient exposure). The microkeratome (flap maker) is applied to the eye with suction. This suction is felt by the laser eye surgery patient as a "pressure" and the vision dims during this part of the Lasik procedure. The flap is then created with the keratome and the suction ring removed. This part of the procedure is the only time any discomfort is experienced and usually lasts for somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds. Your vision will become dark or even absent during this part of the procedure.

The flap is then gently lifted superiorly, out of the path of the laser beam. After realigning the eye, the laser energy applied to the exposed corneal surface. Minute quantities of corneal tissue are removed with each pulse of the laser. There is no sensation of pain or discomfort during the application of laser energy to the tissue. The time it takes to remove the correct of amount of tissue is usually less than one minute and is directly proportional to your prescription.

The newly reshaped corneal surface is irrigated and the flap floated back into position. There is a normal pump action which pulls fluid from the surface of the eye and tends to stick the flap in place. The flap is dried for 3 minutes and the lid speculum removed. In cases of bilateral laser eye surgery, the keratome is then prepared for the other eye and the Lasik procedure repeated. The actual laser eye surgery time is less than 5 minutes per eye, but significant time is spent in preparation of the eye and instruments. You should expect to be in the laser eye surgery suite for 30 minutes in the case of bilateral surgery.

After the laser eye surgery, you will be escorted back into an exam room. The flap is evaluated after 10-15 minutes to insure proper placement and adhesion. Post-operative instructions are reviewed and an appointment is made for an office visit the next day. It is imperative that you follow all of your instructions to decrease the chance of suffering a complication.

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery New York
The Exposed Cornea
Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Rochester
The Excimer Laser
on the Corneal Surface
Lasik Laser Eye Surgery NY
The Corneal Flap is
placed back into position
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