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LASIK provides the "WOW!" factor missing with previous types of refractive surgery. What we have found in clinical terms is very little, if any, discomfort and much more rapid visual recovery.

LASIK tends to give us 80% of the desired result in days rather than weeks. The eyes continue to improve over a period of many weeks to months. Usually, the two eyes do not heal at exactly the same rate.

Most of our Lasik patients see well enough the next day to operate a motor vehicle and return to work. 83% of patients who undergo bilateral Lasik surgery are 20/40 or better on the next post-operative visit. Also, Lasik patients with stronger prescriptions are more likely to be mildly over or under corrected initially. For hyperopia and higher degrees of myopia, some initial over correction is usually necessary to compensate for the anticipated regression.

Enhancements can be performed with LASIK by either lifting the flap or creating a new one. Enhancements are performed for either over or under corrections once the prescription has stabilized. We usually need to wait at least 3 months before performing an enhancement. For mild myopia, our enhancement rate is less than 10%. However, if your prescription is strong and/or you have a high degree of astigmatism, or if you are farsighted, our enhancement rate is closer to 30%.

It is important to remember that not all individuals heal at the same rate. In general, eyes with stronger prescriptions take a bit longer to achieve the desired refractive state. Other factors such as the dryness of the eye may also affect healing. Lasik patients over the age of 45 are more intolerant of mild overcorrections, even though they may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. As part of the full spectrum service provided by Robbins Laser Site, new lenses are provided if necessary during the healing phase.

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